Achie-Otigo : the “Afro-haute,”  “She-spoke” label was inspired by my mother’s passion for dress making. She used to make my brothers and I beautiful clothes when we were kids on her off days from nursing; something i came to appreciate in 2002 when my affair with Art, and inadvertently Fashion, began.

It officially debuted on September 23rd 2010 as a “she-spoke” label focussing on making unique,ultra-chic and affordable pieces. We deal in women’s apparel (i.e) Dresses, skirts, tops, jackets n’ coats, pants n’ shorts, clutch purses and totes  as well as a variety of handmade jewelry that make a statement. Be it  independent, sexy, beautiful, playful, bold or elegant. This is what grounds the brand Achie Otigo.

My decision to delve into the modelling industry three years back exposed me to a tonne of local established designers and photographers whose knowledge and experience greatly molded my own. Since then, each day  turned into an opportunity to learn new skills, tricks, trends, techniques that have morphed into my own look:  Ultra-Chic, a little eccentric and rich in structure. This is my AESTHETIC.

Welcome to Fashion by Achie Otigo.

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  2. Varyanne says:

    I cannot wait for more posts!!! Please post more photos of your designs soon!

  3. A very modern school of design. I love the motivation, the philosophy and the aesthetic. I’ll be hugely interested to see more of your work. Much of what I’ve already seen has been incredibly beautiful, tasteful and refined.


  4. Nkatha says:

    Hey! Gud stuff, the passion is sooo intense it’s infectious. I love that you have a loving relationship with your work, you nurture it, you pay attention to detail, you embody it. Very inspiring stuff…

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